jueves, 17 de septiembre de 2015

Some personal questions

These are some personal questions:

- What´s your name?
My name is Mario

- How old are you?
I´m ten years old

- Where do you live?
I live at 5 Balmond Street

- Are you good at English?
Yes, I am

- What subjects are you good at?
I´m good at Maths, Spanish and English

- What subjects aren´t you good at?
I´m not good at Music and Gym

- What do you do after school?
I do my homework, play in the park and watch tv

Sometimes we use these questions for her or him:

- What´s his name?                                    What´s her name?
His name is Paul                                         Her name is Mary

- How ols is he?                                         How old is she?
He´s ten years old                                     She´s nine years old

Where does he live?                                   Where does she live?
He lives at 10 Elm Street                           She lives at 1 Bajada del Río Street

What subjects is he good at?                      What subjects is she good at?
He´s good at Gym and Frech                       She´s good at Science and Maths

What subjects isn´t he good at?                 What subjects isn´t she good at?
He´s not good at English and Maths             She isn´t good at History

What does he do after school?          He goes to the park and plays basketball
What does she do after school?         She studies and plays with the computer

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